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Microneedling and Mesotherapy

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves using tiny needles to puncture the skin at a specific depth to promote collagen production, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Mesotherapy is a technique that involves injecting small amounts of medication, vitamins, or other active ingredients into the skin to achieve various benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving skin tone and texture, and enhancing the overall appearance of the skin.

Microneedling using mesotherapy combines these two procedures to provide a more effective and targeted treatment for a range of skin concerns, including acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and aging skin. The mesotherapy serum used in microneedling treatments typically contains a range of active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, growth factors, and vitamins. 

The microneedling process allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, where they can have a more significant impact on collagen production, skin texture, and overall skin health. This combination of treatments can provide noticeable results after just one session, with continued improvement over time as the skin's natural healing process takes place. We recommend 3 sessions to get optimal results of the treatment.

Treatment Benefits

Microneedling using mesotherapy is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure that can provide a range of benefits for the skin.


  1. Improves Skin Texture and Tone
    Microneedling using mesotherapy can help improve the texture and tone of the skin, making it appear smoother and more youthful. The combination of microneedling and mesotherapy allows for deeper penetration of active ingredients, which can help stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and improve overall skin health.

  2. Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    The procedure stimulates collagen production, which can help plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth.

  3. Helps Fade Acne Scars
    Microneedling using mesotherapy can help fade acne scars by stimulating collagen production and improving skin texture. The procedure can also help reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne, making the skin look clearer and more even.

  4. Enhances Skin Hydration
    This treatment can help enhance skin hydration by infusing the skin with hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizing agent. This can help improve skin texture and tone, making it appear more supple and youthful.

  5. Boosts Overall Skin Health
    Microneedling can help boost overall skin health by improving circulation, stimulating collagen production, and reducing inflammation. This can help prevent premature aging, improve skin texture and tone, and enhance the overall appearance of the skin.


Whether you are looking to improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or fade acne scars, this procedure can help enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Contact RM Aesthetics today to schedule a consultation and learn more about this innovative treatment.

Microneedling Prices

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Glynis Robertson

"I struggled to find someone to do a TCA peel and managed to find Becky. I have had 3 prior TCA peels so knew what to expect. She was professional, knew exactly how long it would take and what I needed to expect. She checked in on me to see how it was going which I really appreciated. I highly recommend Becky!!"

Emily C

“Becky is phenomenal at what she does. When it comes to your face, you want to make sure you choose someone you can trust. I cannot recommend Becky highly enough. She is honest, professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to anything aesthetics or medical related. I highly recommend.”

Sebastian G

“Overall excellent service. Rebecca made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She had a lovely caring nature and made sure to work on areas I said needed work on. I was so happy that I have booked another appointment with her. Absolutely brilliant and would recommend her to anyone”

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